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Instant installation

In most cases, our services are immediately installed once the service is purchased without the need to wait long waiting times. In a few seconds... your service will be ready!

Support 12/7

We have long hours to attend to any questions or problems that may arise. We also have a large staff to even attend technical problems outside of customer service hours.

Uptime 100%

At Universal Gaming we are aware of how important it is for our customers to keep their servers in good condition and at the best possible performance, therefore, we use the best technology on the market.

NVMe SSD drives

The NVMe gamma is the upgraded version of conventional SSDs. Without a doubt, this version will make your server have the best possible performance for your users. Leer más...

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What our clients say

Samuel Soler ~

They work in a very orderly, fast and above all simple way for any type of client.

Santi Q ~

Very economical for how good it is, good performance, good support, neat system.

Miguel TC ~

I started being the owner of a server with few people with hardly any money, Universal Gaming was one of the cheapest and therefore one day my partner and I decided to hire it. We weren't very confident at first, but on the first day we realized their potential. Good service, good maintenance and what I like the most is the good service from the staff, who are always very friendly both in tickets and in chats. I loved!

Patricio Pavez ~

My experience with Univerval Gaming has been one of the best, they have quality nodes and a really decisive support team, 10 out of 10.

iDeveloping ~

I have been with them from the beginning and the truth is 100% recommended, I have never had problems with crashes, the servers are quite stable and the service is quite faithful !. The administrative team helps you in everything that is within its reach if you have a problem, a very good hosting without a doubt.

Mario Fernandez ~

Good hosting, its service and its price is one of the best quality I know, awesome.

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